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2016 passed in a blur…no reason why that I can think of. Just happened.

2017, however, started with a bang. The inauguration of a man I didn’t vote for nor like. Never did from way back. Distasteful person. The idea for personal well-being these days is to avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people. I mean, who wants to be stuck with someone who acts like a seventh grader most of the time, if not a verbally obnoxious two-year old. That would be our current president. An embarrassment as far as I’m concerned. That’s going to prompt some replies, I’m sure. Not that it’s changing my opinion of a negative president in office.

Be that as it may, I’m writing and quilting and enjoying life while trying to figure out where my America is in the world these days. Personally life is pretty good. Citizen of America-wise, not so much.

So I’m starting up my blog again and hoping to be positive while hoping my America returns to calm rather than chaos.


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Funny how we choose things. I recently purchased a necklace of events. A round locket hangs off a chain, the locket center is clear, the metal edges magnetized so it stays closed. You then had a choice of tiny charms that fit inside the locket. Charms that symbolized great memories or event in your life. Do you have any idea how hard it is to narrow a long life down into less than a dozen charms?! Right now I have seven charms inside the locket—a heart that says Nana, an apple, the American flag, LOVE, a key, a sand dollar and a silver cross. Yet to get—FOREVER FAMILY, a medical emblem representing my hospital volunteer duty and something to symbolize writing.

Nana was the first charm I saw and first on my list—my grandson finally decided on that name for me. While my son laughingly calls me ‘Banana Jane’, Jax calls me Nana Jane. The apple? Thirty years of teaching says I have to have an apple for the teacher! The flag—no explanation needed. My pride in being an American says it all. LOVE? “All you need is love” the Beatles said—close. Relationships is probably the more important because without that close contact, there can be no love. But in place of something like clasped hands, LOVE will do. The key? I honestly have no specific explanation for that—a key opens doors. Opportunities that we might or might know exist. The world awaits beyond the turn of a key. The sand dollar represents my birth heritage. I was born on Galveston Island in Texas. BOI is how we say it: Born on the island. I wasn’t raised there, though we didn’t go far. So between visiting relatives when I was a kid and now vacationing there I’m still proud to say I wasn’t born on the continental US. *grin* The small silver cross of course represents my faith. God, country and family.

The idea of choosing symbols to represent what you hold important in your life is an eye-opening experience. While pouring over the possibilities you realize how important some things are and how un-important others are. The locket can hold a lot of charms, but eventually you must narrow the choices so you find yourself focusing on the seriously important things in your life.

Just in case you can’t get it all into the locket, there is a choice of charms to add to the necklace itself. I added a key—the key to my heart, an old fashioned key. Humm, it just dawned on me that the last thing I choose—a round charm for the necklace itself is perhaps the most important for me as a person, as a writer—I CAN. Yep, that about says it all.

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Sometimes reading the newspaper is like watching the daily news on televison–just plain scary. All the doom and gloom and trauma and drama personally makes me hesitate to turn the page or even turn on the TV. All the good stuff is in the last four minutes of the broadcast or on the last page of the newspaper. You just have to wade through the ‘stuff’ to get to it.

The other day I was volunteering and being as it was early and no families were in the waiting room yet I bravely picked up the local paper and found a nugget of fun. Sure, it had a message but the illustration getting to the message was neat. With full credit to the newspaper who published the short message (a Houston Community newspaper) and the pastor who wrote it (Dr. Mark Denison of the First Baptist Church in Conroe, TX), I’d like to pass it on:

Most conflicts in marriage involve communication. Men usually start out as boys. And boys like to fidget instead of talk. They play King of the Hill and Capture the Flag. They put on a helmet and knock someone down. Men think a relationship is going great when they don’t have to talk. That’s why the NFL has gone to no-huddle offenses. Most of the people who watch football are men, and men don’t like to huddle. Women love to huddle. They like to talk. It comes easily to them.

A man talks best when he’s spraying WD-40, hammering or shooting an unarmed animal. It’s all a part of fidgeting, and fidgeting is part of being a man.

A five-year-old girl was crying. Her dad asked, “What’s the matter?” She said, “I just learned that I have to grow up, and I can’t be a little girl anymore.” He said, “Honey, let me tell you a secret. You have to grow up on the outside, but not on the inside. I’m still a little boy on the inside, but don’t tell your mother.” She said, “I think she already knows.” Aren’t you glad God made us different? Huddle or no-huddle? The man thing is that we’re on the same team.

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