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May I proudly present Return with Honor by Jane Carver, now on Amazon Kindle. Published by Melange-books.com, this contemporary romance/murder-mystery has a yummy cover and intriguing introduction.


Marine Sergeant and Cherokee Native American Jud Longtree returns to his small hometown as a favor to his mom, but old troubles pop up immediately. “That Injun Jud Longtree” is a grown man now, more than capable of handling himself. But the minute he shows up in Bleaker, murder and mayhem do as well.

Lottie Amberville, the high school counselor, takes an instant dislike to Jud. She knows his story—but it’s the public one. Is any of that story true?

Police Chief Theo Vance sees only trouble when Jud shows up. While Jud’s moved on, the Chief hasn’t. His memory is long and not willing to change.

High school principal Matthew Jetter, Jud Longtree’s mentor and savior, is the key to the mystery. Unfortunately, he was murdered.

Jud is attracted to Lottie, and they team up, along with Lottie’s friend, Ashley Johnson and her son, Cooper, to solve not one murder but three.


Click below for your Amazon Kindle download—at $2.99 for the next two weeks.

Hurry before the price goes up!


** Look for it later this week at Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobo


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