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Valentine Day already and this is my first blog entry for 2016. Oh dear, I am behind my time, as Bob Cratchet said to Scrooge in The Christmas Carol. In other words, while I’ve worked on special quilts that will go as gifts and done the first edit on the novel I wrote last fall, my blog got pushed aside. A blog, I read recently, should be about what you enjoy. Well, there you have it—I enjoy quilting, reading, and writing. I love being with my family, the sons, daughter in laws and grandsons. We’ve all made plans to go somewhere this year. Maybe not together but then there’s always that chance we meet up somewhere some time. What I don’t enjoy right now is the pounding, bumping and thumping of roofers over my head. Hail storm/new roof. New roof is great! We’ve needed one; the process of getting one is a noisy one, I’ve discovered. Still, give it another day and peace and quiet will return to my realm. The only resolution for this year? Why–it should be obvious! Get my blog written each week LOL



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