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2016 passed in a blur…no reason why that I can think of. Just happened.

2017, however, started with a bang. The inauguration of a man I didn’t vote for nor like. Never did from way back. Distasteful person. The idea for personal well-being these days is to avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people. I mean, who wants to be stuck with someone who acts like a seventh grader most of the time, if not a verbally obnoxious two-year old. That would be our current president. An embarrassment as far as I’m concerned. That’s going to prompt some replies, I’m sure. Not that it’s changing my opinion of a negative president in office.

Be that as it may, I’m writing and quilting and enjoying life while trying to figure out where my America is in the world these days. Personally life is pretty good. Citizen of America-wise, not so much.

So I’m starting up my blog again and hoping to be positive while hoping my America returns to calm rather than chaos.


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Write whenever you have something to get off your mind or heart.

Write whenever you have something to get off your mind or heart.









I recently dived back into the world of blogging, having taken a class that taught me how to set up a blog as a website. Now I have two ‘website’ type blogs and two real blogs—meaning, sites where I can post messages, my thoughts or challenges, as the case may be.

In order to keep track of what I post (or how to make a site look like I want it to) I went in search of a journal. I didn’t head to the bookstore for one; I looked on my own office shelf. You see, I collect journals. If the looks of one appeals to me, I buy it. I have a dozen journals stacked on my shelf. I’ve written in all of them but never finished one. So I picked through them this morning and found one that only had a few pages written on. I carefully taped them together and made a note that the few entries there were from 1989!

This almost new journal will be for my wordpress adventures—my two ‘website’ blog sites and my two actual blogs. Where I dislike dealing with Facebook, I adore writing blogs though I don’t do it weekly. I blog when inspiration hits me. I intend to actively seek topics to blog about in the future though.

However back to journals—what’s the difference between a diary and a journal? As it turns out according to research, diaries are daily accounts of your life whereas a journal is not necessarily daily but more an examination of your life and world and how you fit in (or not). In that respect then, I journal.

While I will keep a diary of my internet entries I have a journal beside my bed. At night, I pull it out and record the hits and misses of the past few days, always trying to end on a high note. There have been times when my entry in an evening is pages long. When I found myself NOT journaling, I realized I disliked writing so much—besides my hand would start cramping.

I enjoy reading the O magazine, and last month the author of one of the articles suggested a ‘5 minute memoir’ way of journaling—set a watch and write for 5 minutes only. So I tried it. More like making a list of what happened and why. Did I sneak in another minute or so if I didn’t finish a thought? Yes, but I honored the time limit for the most part, and now I journal more often.

Interested in what else I discovered about journals and diaries? I’ll be brief as you have been so kind as to stick with me this far.  The earliest form of a diary was written by Marcus Aurelius. The earliest mention of the word ‘diary’ was in 1605. Diary by the way is from Latin while journal is French in origin. Medieval mystics often kept diaries of emotions and spiritual happenings. One of the most famous diaries belonged to Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who wrote about hiding from the Germans in Amsterdam in the 1940s. The first small pocket size book for journaling or writing a diary was printed by the Symthson company in 1908. Writing daily or as often as the mood serves helps reduce stress, clarifies goal-setting and generally improves well-being. From writing in a small book, to online journaling in the late 1990s to our current day blogging, humans seem to have an innate desire to record their lives and the experiences that shape them.

Hence my need to write down what I am blogging about as well as how to make my blog sites more appealing. This time when I blog I can track where I’ve been and clarify where I’m going by looking at my journal.


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