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2016 passed in a blur…no reason why that I can think of. Just happened.

2017, however, started with a bang. The inauguration of a man I didn’t vote for nor like. Never did from way back. Distasteful person. The idea for personal well-being these days is to avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people. I mean, who wants to be stuck with someone who acts like a seventh grader most of the time, if not a verbally obnoxious two-year old. That would be our current president. An embarrassment as far as I’m concerned. That’s going to prompt some replies, I’m sure. Not that it’s changing my opinion of a negative president in office.

Be that as it may, I’m writing and quilting and enjoying life while trying to figure out where my America is in the world these days. Personally life is pretty good. Citizen of America-wise, not so much.

So I’m starting up my blog again and hoping to be positive while hoping my America returns to calm rather than chaos.


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Valentine Day already and this is my first blog entry for 2016. Oh dear, I am behind my time, as Bob Cratchet said to Scrooge in The Christmas Carol. In other words, while I’ve worked on special quilts that will go as gifts and done the first edit on the novel I wrote last fall, my blog got pushed aside. A blog, I read recently, should be about what you enjoy. Well, there you have it—I enjoy quilting, reading, and writing. I love being with my family, the sons, daughter in laws and grandsons. We’ve all made plans to go somewhere this year. Maybe not together but then there’s always that chance we meet up somewhere some time. What I don’t enjoy right now is the pounding, bumping and thumping of roofers over my head. Hail storm/new roof. New roof is great! We’ve needed one; the process of getting one is a noisy one, I’ve discovered. Still, give it another day and peace and quiet will return to my realm. The only resolution for this year? Why–it should be obvious! Get my blog written each week LOL


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Life is defined more by its risks than by its samenesses.

– Mary Anne Radmacher

The change? Doing my blog only twice a month. The first and middle of each month. I love doing the small blurbs that share my thoughts or what I’ve been doing. But I think it’s okay to only do it twice rather than every Monday.

Changes occur when one retires—hopefully for the better. When Husband and I retired back in the day we discovered that we actually had time to travel. Whether by plane, train or car we’ve done some really great exploring. I just returned from Georgia where I participated in a quilting retreat with one of my best buds. Three and a half days of nothing but sewing! Wow! I took all the pieces for a generous Queen sized quilt and brought the finished quilt top home. Yippee! I learned so much. What a change from our usual routine of both Husband and I going somewhere.

Change is risky, scary, and exciting most times. Flying makes me very nervous, but not as nervous as maneuvering through check-in and finding the proper departure gate! Still, for all the heart-pounding moments, I’m glad I experienced the trip to the Deep South.

The saying goes that if you’re not changing you’re dying. Rather drastic but perhaps true.

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A great deal of satisfaction comes from doing a project—a big one—and completing it. I completed a T-shirt quilt for Son #2 this week and presented it to him and his wife. While a long project—seven months—it wasn’t as long as some I’ve done. I did the same kind of quilt for Daughter-in-law #1 years ago and that was a king size quilt. Whew! That project took a long time.

No matter what the project is—gardening, sewing, building something—when you start it feels like the pieces will never go together fast enough. And when the project is over, you realize, hopefully, that you enjoyed the whole process and can step back and proudly say, “I did that.”

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I never realized how easy it would be to get lost in the internet! When the ‘net first came to home computers I was teaching, had a husband, sons, pets and a home to take care of. Free time was scarce. However during the summer I had more time to explore the vast possibilities of what was online. June 1993 was the first real time I sat down with one thing in mind to look up and three hours later I was far from where I started while searching the ‘net. I’d find something online and click on something associated with it.

If I could have created a road map of where I went that particular morning the craziness of my journey wouldn’t have surprised me. That day was also the day we decided to get two phone lines—one for the home phone and one for the computer alone. Seems Son #2 was waiting for a call from a friend so they could meet to go to a movie. The call never came because I was on the computer tying up the phone line—my bad!

So it was no surprise when I got a book filled with Vincent Van Gogh’s letters with drawings, I looked up something on the net and wound up with Dr. Who, a character on a TV show by that name. There IS a connection but it would be a stretch for some to see unless familiar with that show. But once again I started in one place and wound up far from there. That ever happen to you?

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2015 came in cold and wet. Not nasty thankfully. SE Texas 100 miles inland from the coast rarely gets THAT cold though I admit it did in 2014. However that was then and this is now. Now it’s just mostly cold and wet. Seems it rains five out of seven days lately. While I have projects galore to keep me busy at the computer or sewing machine (or even my art table) many people don’t. Especially guys who like to go out and putter in workshops—that aren’t heated. Hard to heat a workshop where volatile materials are stored. Often then those folks take lots of naps or watch old B/W movies. Or read or stare into space—hoping the weather will warm up enough so they can go outside—anywhere outside. While special lights to put in homes of those who suffer from extreme winter conditions help, nothing beats full-on sunshine to adjust the attitude for the positive.

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By Bill Yates


Dear January,

Wrap me in your saddest morning I implore you.

The complex triumph of green acres waits to be seeded,

and later thrashed and sorted as wheat for barter.


When the spring is waiting all seeded

for lily blossoms under the snow,

fertilize with want that wants not

and need that needs not.

(Only, my love, forget me not.)


The birds will fly in from Florida

anticipating spring and avoiding a hurricane

because they know better than we who

are composed mainly of lesser sensitivity.

What waits to be born from this harsh winter?


Nature will surely bloom as a fabric woven

like a Navajo rug to comfort the evening

with its beauty. Mystical mornings will

take the traveler to some paradise where


the sun is always rising

and the air is cool in summer

and the dew is on the mulberries

and all the berries are ripe like dew.


I ask only my love that you forget me not

when the sky turns overhead to a

warmer slant and rays blind the eyes

from all memories past and all

contemplation of futurity.


Live now. Love now. Feast now upon the beauty

before your eyes, before your sleeping

evenings, and before your awakening

when dawn and dew are breaking.

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